Mapping the Internal Galaxy

I'm excited about the work I'm making right now.  The process is very circumstantial, and I am enjoying the peace that comes from making wabi-sabi, material centric, hands-off-the-damn-panel type of work.

You are entering the unknown....

I'm doing a lot of pouring, spraying, and squeezing paint directly onto the surface.  I'm mixing powders, mediums, glue, and glitter.  I'm using materials in the 'wrong' way and it feels pretty good.  Though a small rebellion, a very satisfying one. 

Is this a map of your mind?

I am creating process where the product is unknown.  I leave my studio with materials pooling and swirling, coming back with no idea what I will find.  It is life imitating art imitating life.  There is a reckless irreverence that I am practicing--which comes in handy during times of uncertainty.   

Nebula...or Brain Slice

I thought I was making work about the galaxy in drag, but now I'm not so sure.  The fearlessness I'm channeling is certainly inspired by the performers I idolize, but I'm starting to wonder if the work is more an exploration of an inner landscape, the infinite universe of the mind.  I think there are quite a few similarities between outer space and the brain. 

Thoughts/Emotions, Comets/Stars 

For me, the terrain of the universal mind embodies a mysterious intrigue, a vastness beyond understanding, and the personalization of cosmic perspective.  So theres more to explore, and more to come.

Next week is February break and I'm armed with a gallon of elmers glue, two jugs of acrylic medium, a rainbow of glittery liquid watercolor, and a school-size economy set of tempera paint.  It's going to be a wild staycation.  

[Note: All works are in progress]